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In India alone, 2.5 lakh people die because of diabetes every year, Due to bad eating habits and the lifestyle of the modern era, people are more likely to develop diabetes ever than before. Therefore, no diabetic patients and deaths due to it are rising each year.

For more than fifteen years, Dr.K.SRINIVAS RAO is treating diabetic patients. He is an expert in preventing complications in diabetic foot ulcers and leg amputations. The great efforts of Dr.K.SRINIVAS RAO have saved many lives and have given new hope to diabetic patients.

Along with 15 years of experience in medical practice, he also holds several prestigious degrees like MBBS, DIPLOMA DIABETES, MASTER IN DIABETOLOGY.

The extraordinary achievements of Dr.K.SRINIVAS RAO are discussed worldwide, and he has emerged as an aspirational idol for fellow doctors. He is also a member of some reputed global organizations like RSSDI (RESEARCH SOCIETY STUDY OF DIABETES IN INDIA), DFSI (DIABETIC FOOT SOCIETY OF INDIA), ADA (AMERICAN DIABETES ASSOCIATION).

The mission of Dr.K.SRINIVAS RAO is to revolutionize diabetes treatment and to spread the knowledge all around the world so that the humankind can get benefited.

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